March Product of the Month: Spring Break!

Attention beloved clients!  Your new favorite Boulder hair salon is starting a monthly promotion program to reward you with the chance to win a hair product or makeup item that ties in with the styling needs of that month/season. All you have to do is come in for your appointments (haircut, haircolor, eyelashe extensions, blow outs, brow wax, whatever!)  as per usual and your name will be entered automatically.  Every appointment = a new entry!  This month’s giveaway theme is Spring Break so we’ve picked a few different beach texture products.  If you win a stylist will help you select the best option for your based on your hair type and styling needs!  Be sure to stay tuned for blogs, videos, and photos relating to each month’s theme and giveaway.

Beach waves products

Here the March lineup:

Soft Wave Spray

A 360 degree aerosol, SAIL Soft Wave Spray ensures even and easy coverage and provides a more elegant usage experience versus typical salt sprays.

Salt Spray

Rockaway is the closest you’ll get to looking like you’ve been at the beach without stepping out of the concrete jungle.

Après Beach
Wave and Shine Spray

Attention island-hoppers and champagne-poppers: Get beach-to-bombshell hair—tousled, touchable waves with sun-kissed shine—without the salty stiffness. Our moisturizing glamour spray uses rich extracts and exotic oils for lush repair and sultry texture.

Tousled Texture Mousse

Sexy, surfed-in hair is no longer the domain of beachgoers in their tropical climes. Texturize your locks with this hydrating mousse that creates perfectly imperfect separation for that effortlessly tousled look.

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