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Products of the Month: February

After 84 long years of January, we have all finally entered the February zone!  2018 is just rolling right along and to help you make it the best hair year of your entire life we are committing to a product of the month education blog just for you!   That being said, let's just dive right on into the good stuff. 

Winter is brutal on hair.  It's dry and the cold temps can cause breakage and extreme hair damage in some cases.  The best way to fight the dry hair blues (especially in Colorado) is with the following product lineups:

R + Co 


Atlantis Shampoo and Conditioner:

A variety of factors can dry out hair: the sun, coloring and blow-drying, just to name a few. If your hair needs moisture, use Atlantis to bring its life back. // Good for: Thick, coarse or moisture- deprived hair. //How to use: apply the Atlantis shampoo from the mid-length of the hair and work into the ends of the roots. Follow with Atlantis conditioner. Leave on very dry hair for 10 minutes for a deep hair conditioning.

High Dive 

Plunge into deep hydration and reflective shine with HIGH DIVE. Formulated to smooth and seal the hair, it moisturizes, softens and drowns out frizz. // Good for: Styles that favor moisture over hold; smooth-textured looks. // How to: Work through towel-dried hair and air-dry or blow-dry. Doubles as a leave-in conditioner.


Oribe Intense Shampoo and Conditioner for Moisture Control

Oribe Moisture & Control, Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo

Finally tame your tresses. Curly, kinky, impossibly thick hair gets instant moisture gratification and even a bit of de-volumization, leaving it smooth, sleek and completely under control. // Good for:  those who need extra taming and repair, Moisture control penetrates deep into the hair and scalp to defend hair from oxidative stress while minimizing drying. // How to use: work through the hair in the shower then thoroughly rinse. Product can be used daily or several times a week.

Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment

Bring damaged, dry hair back to life. This rejuvenating pre-shampoo treatment balm melts into hair, deeply moisturizing and repairing while protecting against harsh aggressors such as washing, styling and pollution. Softness, shine and strength are restored. // Good for: those who need extra taming and repair. // How to use: Begin with dry hair. Warm a quarter-size amount of product between hands to transform into an oil. Apply from mid-shaft to ends, avoiding the roots. Repeat as necessary until all strands are lightly coated with oil. For thicker, coarser hair more product can be used. Luxuriate for 10-20 minutes. Wet hair and thoroughly wash from roots to ends with your favorite Oribe shampoo. Follow with your favorite Oribe conditioner. Repeat weekly.

A Guide to Balayage, Ombré, & Foils

It can be extremely confusing to translate the look you know you want to the service you book with your stylist.  Instagram is a great place to find a style you love but often times they aren't captioned well enough to decipher what the stylists has actually done to achieve that look.  This little guide will hopefully help you demystify the techniques and the lingo of the hair color world.


a technique for highlighting the hair in which the hair color is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.
- The french word for sweeping

Why book this:
-If you prefer a more natural hair color that leaves dark hair or your natural hair throughout creating a dimensional look.
-If you're looking for a sun-kissed look
-If you need a low-maintenance hair color.  This technique creates soft blended dimension and allows a smooth grow out.


having tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark.
- Ombre the french word for to shade

Why book this:
-If you're looking for a more drastic contrast of dark and light hair color.  Soft  blend focused on the ends of the hair usually starting at eye level or below the chin. 
-If you don't want any natural or dark hair color left through the ends as this technique generally leaves the top of the head dark and the bottom of the hair much lighter. 






A process of using aluminium foil to seperate strands of hair to be colored from strands of hair not to be colored.  This is not limited to blonde hair color and is typically maintained every 4-6 weeks as regrowth is more obvious with this process. 

Why book this:
-  If you want less root exposure and soft dimension roots to ends. 
-  If you prefer more coverage or to camouflage grey hair
-  not limited to blonde hair only 


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