Mission Statement


Freebird Beauty Shop is a hair salon that focuses on intentional styling, inclusive environment, and the encouragement of self care above all else.  We believe that beauty exists in every person and that beautifying services should be designed to reinforce that beauty in a way that feels authentic and comfortable.

Core Values

Community:   Engaging with our community and creating space for everyone to thrive is imperative.  We partner with local businesses and organizations for this very reason.  After all, life is so much better when the whole damn class is invited in to the party don't you think?

Education: The only constant in this world is change and the only way to embrace that fact is through education and therefore personal growth.  The more you know, the more you grow.

Creativity:  A little imagination can take you anywhere.  It's a lifestyle choice and everyone has the power. 

Kindness:   In all things,  we must always BE KIND.

Beauty: When we feel good, we look good and at the end of the day that's what beauty really is:  the total expression of who we are when our souls feel good.